Unit of land measurement in bangladesh

The Katha is still in use in Nepal, where it is equivalent to 33m (64 ft). Land Measure in Bangladesh A Katha (also spelled Cottah) is a unit of area approximately equal to 120th of a Bigha (7ft or 6m). Standard Measurement system in Bangladesh: written in Bengali.

Katha (unit) – , the free encyclopedia In Bangladesh, one katha is standardized to 7square feet (mand katha equals bigha. Bangladesh Land Measurement Conversion – Scribd Bangladesh Land Measurement Conversion – as PDF File (.pdf Text. One value and click on the Calculate button to get the equivalent measurements. In bangladesh land area, GONDA how much khatta square.

Standard Measurement of Area in Bangladesh – Scribd (Standard Measurement) uk m p. Standard Land Measurement Rules of Bangladesh: Calculation of. A Katha is approximately 7square foot or 1of a Bigha. Shotangsho 1Ojutangsho Katha 7Sq Feet (approx) Katha Bigha Bighas Acre approx.

Unit of land measurement in bangladesh

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Katha (unit) – , the free encyclopedia

Bigha - , the free encyclopedia

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In bangladesh land area, GONDA how much khatta square

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