Sl22 1r020 thermistor

Price For: Each Thermistor Type: NTC Resistance: 1ohm Thermistor Tolerance: – to Thermistor Case Style: Radial Leaded No. AMETHERM SL1R0NTC THERMISTOR (piece Amazon. Dead HVAC fan repair ABieneman s Blog. SL1R0- Ametherm – SL221R0- datasheet – Octopart Find Ametherm SL1R0(NTC THERMISTOR Thermistor Type: NTC Resistance: 1ohm No.

Version from Ametherm (pn SL1R0Digikey pn ND). SL1R0Ametherm Circuit Protection DigiKey Find Ametherm SL1R0(570-1041-ND) at DigiKey. Describing Transformer Protection from Inrush Current Using the NTC Thermistor.

SL1R0- AMETHERM – Thermistor Type:NTC elementNew. SL1R0Ametherm Mouser SL1R0Ametherm Inrush Current Limiters 22mm 1ohms 20A INRSH CURR. SL1R0Ametherm Thermistor IBS Electronics Ametherm SL22-1R0Inrush Current Limiters 22mm Ohm 20A Thermistor at.


Great prices with fast delivery on AMETHERM products. Of Pins: Case Style: Radial Resistance Tolerance: ).

Range:SLSeries, Disc Size:22mm, Zero Power Resistance at C:1ohm, A. AMETHERM SL1R0NTC THERMISTOR (pieces Amazon. Sl1r0Stock and Price by Distributor – FindChips SL1R0Distri 72J681 Ametherm Inc, NTC THERMISTOR, Product. This particular ICL thermistor has a resistance of Ohm when it s cold.

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Sl1r0Stock and Price by Distributor - FindChips

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SL1R0- Ametherm – SL221R0- datasheet – Octopart

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SL1R0Ametherm Circuit Protection DigiKey

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