Load rating xl

My question therefore is, is there any reason why XL tyres should not be used. In the XL version and this tyre has load rating of which equates to 730kg. Extra load P-metric tires will be branded extra loa and identified by an XL in. Load Rating Xl at Tire Rack maximum load is rated.

I didn t think extra load was anything to do with speed rating. Listed below are the air pressures at which maximum load is rated for popular P-metric and LT tires: Tire Load Ranges Inflation Pressure Assigned For Maximum Load Ratings P-metric Light Load (LL) psi Standard Load (SL) psi Extra Load (XL) psi Light Truck Load Range C. Tyre Load Rating Information Table m Find out more about load ratings and how to determine the load rating of the tyres you require – use our table or search with your car registration.

Load index and speed rating are sometimes not mandatory for flotation sizes, but must be. Load Index Rating.uk Tyres have different load ratings but generally a tyre of the same size usually are. Tire code – , the free encyclopedia Automobile tires are described by an alphanumeric tire code or tyre code which is generally.

Load rating xl

Load Range designates the tire s construction as it relates to its load carrying capacity and is represented by a letter. Can I place an extra load tire on a vehicle that calls for a standard rating?

Load Range – Discount Tire Load Range. LL: Light Load tires for light usage and loads SL: Standard Load tire for normal usage and loads XL: eXtra Load a tire that allows a. XL (extra load) tyres on cars that don t need them. Tire Tech Information – Load Range Ply Rating Identification The load rangeply rating branded on a tire s sidewall identifies how much load.

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Load Rating Xl at Tire Rack

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Tyre Load Rating Information Table

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