Heavy duty propagation trays

These wide-mesh bottom trays are ideal for soil block propagation. Our 10trays are heavy weight and reusable. Some sites have a listing for a heavy duty propagation tray, then when you click on it and look at the picture it s Hydrofarm s flimsy one.

Heavy duty support for other seedling containers. Will the 98-hole (round) propagation trays fit inside these so all the cells are flush to. Perma-Nest Plant Trays SUPER HEAVY DUTY Greenhouse Trays. 10Trays – Standard 10Trays Greenhouse Megastore This traditional sized thermoformed tray is reliable and sturdy.

Homegrown Hydroponics MONDI HEAVY DUTY PROPAGATION TRAY MONDI STRONG PREMIUM PROPAGATION TRAY 10NO HOLES X X Mondi Propagation Tray s 10are vacuum-molde plastic flats that. We have customers that have had these for. You will not find a better Tray on the Market. Super Sprouter Double Thick Propagation Tray pack of 5.

Heavy duty propagation trays

I m looking for a goo heavy-duty, rigid 10tray – Growroom. Perma-Nest 10Tray – Standard 10Trays Greenhouse Megastore The Perma-Nest 10tray is built from heavy duty polystyrene plastic. PERMANEST PLANT TRAYS are heavy-duty, stackable, and versatile.

Heavy Duty – Germination Trays Indoor Gardening. Propagation Trays – Greentrees Hydroponics Super Sprouter Simple Start Propagation Tray in x in – No Holes. Permanest Heavy-Duty Propagation Trays Superior Growers Supply These super heavy-duty propagation trays are prized by hobby growers worldwide for their durability and design – they have no holes and make excellent carry. Trays Domes and Flats – Johnny s Selected Seeds Trays Domes and Flats.

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Trays Domes and Flats - Johnny s Selected Seeds

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Permanest Heavy-Duty Propagation Trays Superior Growers Supply

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