Griffin and tatlock

Analytical Beam Balance by Griffin Tatlock Ltd., Great Britain, with lacquered- brass pillar, divided beam with pointer, plummet, twin. Origins and in 19began trading under the name of Griffin Tatlock. Griffin and Tatlock Limited Chemical Apparatus Catalogue No 12A. Tennants Auctioneers: Griffin Tatlock Ltd oak-cased balance scales.

Griffin and Tatlock Limited Chemical Apparatus Catalogue No 12A: Laboratory Apparatus, Machinery and Equipment for all Branches of. Bid Live on Lot 10in the Antiques Collectables Auction from Toogood May. Brief Bio: active, laboratory apparatus laboratory instrument maker, London, England.

Griffin and Tatlock Limited – Collections Online Griffin and Tatlock Limited Nationality: British. Tennants Auctioneers: Griffin Tatlock Ltd oak-cased balance scales Griffin Tatlock Ltd oak-cased balance scales. Selling this Griffin and Tatlock balance scale in its original case.

Griffin and tatlock

A mahogany cased set Griffin Tatlock Ltd microid balance scales. Scientific Scales Vintage Apothecary Scientific Griffin George Cased Brass Scales Bakelite Ba. Early twentieth century quadrant electrometer manufactured by Griffin Tatlock Ltd.

In 191 the Glasgow firm also took the name of Baird Tatlock, Lt spurring a big. Brass and Wood Balance Scale – Search All Lots Skinner Auctioneers 187. Images for griffin and tatlock Brass, partly chrome blackene Bakelite base London, Englan around 19Manufacturer: Griffin Tatlock Ltd., London, England Maker s mark on the. 1 MHz: breast, thyroi superficial veins, superficial masses, musculoskeletal imaging.

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Griffin Tatlock Quadrant Electrometer

A mahogany cased set Griffin Tatlock Ltd microid balance scales

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