Erlang web server

The idea to write this came after watching the Making the Web Functional presentation. Yaws (web server) – , the free encyclopedia Yaws (Yet another web server) is a web server written in Erlang by Claes (klacke) Wikström. How to write a simple webserver in Erlang?

Yaws Yaws is entirely written in Erlang, and furthermore it is a multithreaded webserver where one Erlang lightweight process is used to handle each client. Chicago Boss is the answer to slow server software: a Rails-like framework for. It doesn t even read the request (but does fork on every request, so it s not as minimal possible).

Stack Overflow Taking produce literally, here is a pretty small one. Contribute to elli development by creating an account on GitHub. Chicago Boss: The Erlang Web Framework Do you pine for a simpler time when web pages loaded in under one second?

Erlang web server

Cowboy – Small, fast, modular server written in Erlang. A benchmark comparison against various server libraries.

Managing two million web servers – Joe Armstrong – Erlang and. Comparison of Erlang Web Frameworks ChicagoBoss – GitHub Erlang web MVC, now featuring Comet. So this is about web-servers written in Erlang and Elixir. GitHub – knutinelli: Simple, robust and performant Erlang web server Simple, robust and performant Erlang web server.

Yaws can be embedded into other Erlang-based applications or run. GitHub – nineninescowboy: Small, fast, modular server written. A comparison between Misultin, Mochiweb, Cowboy, NodeJS and.

Managing two million web servers – Joe Armstrong – Erlang and

GitHub - nineninescowboy: Small, fast, modular server written

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Chicago Boss: The Erlang Web Framework

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