Quartz Crystal Units TFX-03L RIVER ELETEC CORPORATION. MHz Range Automotive Applications MHz Range. Crystal Units Resonators – Epson Europe Electronics GmbH kHz Range Crystal Units. This part is a miniature AT or BT cut strip crystal units packaged for sur.

Crystal Units with Thermistor MHz Range General Applications . Tuning fork crystal units with QMEMS technology. Free company summary for CRYSTAL UNITS LIMITED including Companies house registration, overview of business activities, contact details, social networks.

Epson has an extensive lineup of kHz tuning fork crystal units for a wide range of. Crystal Units KYOCERA Crystal Device Corporation Crystal Units. This page describes information on the world s smallest RoHS-compliant, lead- free quartz crystal products FCX-07L.mmmm5mmRoHS- compliant. Crystal unit is a passive component using piezoelectrical effect of the crystal.


Crystal Units RS Components 1509. Quartz Crystal Units FCX-07L RIVER ELETEC CORPORATION. Crystal Units AVX Quartz crystal units consist of a wafer of quartz with metallic electrodes attached and are enclosed in a sealed package. Shop our range of Crystal Units supplies accessories. At present, crystal units find a broad range of applications such as communication satellites, mobile communication devices, automotive electronics, TVs. This page describes information on the world s smallest RoHS-compliant, lead- free quartz crystal products.

LOW PROFILE SMD TYPE CRYSTAL UNITS HC-49SMA. By applying the voltage, transformation occurs in the crystal and it. 50ft 18GA cord with polarized plug and grounded AMP outlets. All products include 1-year warranty, same day shipping.

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Crystal Units Resonators – Epson Europe Electronics GmbH

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