Capacitor 97f9856

It s probably okay but I don t know. This is a BRAND NEW GE Genteq Dual Run Air ConditioningHeat Pump Capacitor. Dual Run Capacitor 4MFD 4VAC MARS 127FITS GENTEQ 97F9856.

GE Genteq Round Capacitor uf MFD 4Volt 97F9838. Images for capacitor 97f98Dual rated motor run capacitor 3MF 4Voltage, round. Thousands of discounted electronic components in stock.

This is a Brand New OEM GEGenteq capacitor. GE Genteq Dual Run Capacitor Round 4uf MFD 4volt. OEM Upgraded Replacement for GE Genteq Round Capacitor 44Volt. Business Industrial, MRO Industrial Supply, HVAC .

Capacitor 97f9856

97F98GE capacitor 40uF 440V Application Motor Run F98GE capacitor 40uF 440V Application Motor Run. Capacitors – Motor Supplies – Grainger Industrial Supply . For heavy duty continuous applications such as furnace blower motor and condenser fan motors. The capacitor I received is labeled 97F98and it s not the. 97F uf MFD 4Volt VAC – Genteq Round Dual Run. The GE part is97F98(replaces old part Z97F985 97F985 97F9838BZ3).

OEM Upgraded Replacement for GE Genteq Round Capacitor 405. GE Genteq Round Capacitor uf MFD 4Volt Z97F9897F98in. 97F uf MFD 4Volt VAC – GE Round Dual Run.

Get reliable motor capacitors at Grainger in dry, electrolytic, nonpolarized start capacitor and aluminum, hermetically sealed run capacitor types. GE Genteq Round Capacitor uf MFD 4Volt Z97F9856. GEGenetq capacitors are top of the line capacitors, made in North America.

97F uf MFD 4Volt VAC – GE Round Dual Run

GE Genteq Round Capacitor uf MFD 4Volt Z97F9856. -

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OEM Upgraded Replacement for GE Genteq Round Capacitor 405

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97F uf MFD 4Volt VAC - Genteq Round Dual Run

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