Burndy k11a36u 2

K11A36U-TWO:STR-6DUAL RTIN Bolt Hole Active – Burndy Burndy part K11A36UBurndy product K11A36U Burndy item K11A36U TWO:STR-6DUAL RTIN Bolt Hole, view details, price and availability at. BURNDY Terminal K11A-U, Universal Mounting Hole Spacing: IN. Burndy, Llc BUR K11A36U-6ALCU 2H TERM Large Terminals.

Compare prices, attributes, and tech specs for electronic). BURNDY – K11A36U- K11A36U-STEP LUGS 2-2STR-638. K11A36U- Burndy – Octopart Find Burndy K11A36U(Burndy K11A36U-TwoStraight-6Dual Rated offers at Octopart.

6kcmil Aluminum or Copper Wire Range, Stud Hole, Width, Length, Height, 5. Burndy K11A36U-Universal Terminal, Two: Str. On Line Catalog hair BURNDY Catalog Number K11A36U2. Burndy K11A36U-Two:Straight-6Dual Rated – Crescent Electric.

Burndy k11a36u 2

Burndy K11A36UStacked Mechanical Lug, Aluminum, Hole Mount, AWG to 6MCM Stacked Mechanical Lug, Aluminum, Barrel, Hole Mount, Dual. Burndy – K11A36U Aluminum – Panelboard Lugs, Mechanical, Split. BURNDY K11A36U-Terminal Lugs WESCO Lugs: Type – Mechanical Terminal Material – Aluminum, Tin Plated Conductor Type – CUAL Tongue Type – Straight Screw Type – Hex Socket Conductor Entry. Burndy Canada (Framatone) – K11A36U- K11A36U-STACK LUG 2XTO 600MCM BURNDY – BURK 11A36U2BURK 11A36U239121408. Aluminum Universal Terminal, Hole, Two: AWG (Str)-6kcmil, Stu Stud Hole Spacing, Screws, AlCu Rate Tin Plated. Manufacturer: Burndy, Llc Mfr K11A36USummit BUK11A36UUPC.

Panelboard Lug, Stacked Conductor(S Conductor Size AWG Stranded to 6Kcmil Conductor Material AluminumCopper Straight Pad Hex Socket Screw Electrolytic Tin Plated Aluminum Alloy Pad Hole(S). Burndy Canada (Framatone) – K11A36U- K11A36U-STACK LUG. Acute triangle: A triangle with all angles less than Equilateral triangle: A triangle with equal sides and equal angles.

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K11A36U- Burndy – Octopart

Burndy Canada (Framatone) - K11A36U- K11A36U-STACK LUG

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