Bronto prefix

But to match all the prefixes ending in -a, I propose the name. One such prefix is bronto, used in the fake term brontobyte. Prefix 10- Googology – a The standard SI prefix system only extends to yotta- 10. Large Numbers – Notes () at MROB – Robert Munafo The official SI prefix names peta and exa are probably derived from pente.

He would not have been surprised to see a brontosaurus peeking coyly down at him from twenty feet or so of neck. Unit prefix – , the free encyclopedia The prefixes of the metric system, such as kilo and milli, represent multiplication. What should come after yotta- and yocto-? Unit prefix – , the free encyclopedia A unit prefix is a specifier or mnemonic that is prepended to units of measurement to indicate.

Bronto-, B, By Lawrence Hollom, and very often on the Internet. The prefix bronto, as used in the term brontobyte, has been used to represent. The etymology of bronto- is that it is greek for thunder.

Bronto prefix

A lot of people seem to propose bronto- as the next prefix (one octillion, 1027). From Bits to Brontobytes The Oxford Math Center So, taking a cue from the metric system, larger units of measure were created by prepending various prefixes to the word byte. The following prefixes have all been exposed as jokes or hoaxes: bronto, cuppa. Dinosaur Name Roots-Zoom Dinosaurs – Enchanted Learning Dinosaur Name Roots. Non-Canonical SI Prefixes – Large Numbers – Sites The would-be coiner will have a list of SI prefixes including all the canonical entries along with a few. World Wide Web suggest meanings of the bronto prefix to be.

Brontosaurus Define Brontosaurus at m Historical Examples. The prefix bronto, as used in the term brontobyte, has been used to represent anything from 10to 10bytes, most often 1027. Acute triangle: A triangle with all angles less than Equilateral triangle: A triangle with equal sides and equal angles.

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Non-Canonical SI Prefixes – Large Numbers – Sites

Non-SI unit prefix

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