Automatic drum tuner

Mike Johnston Introduces Tune-Bot Drum Tuner. Without any manual input from the user. I am not a drummer, so apologies if I am talking out of school, here. A new easy-to-use drum-tuner from Overtone Labs.

Tune to notes and match lug pitches with signature tune-bot accuracy. DRUMMERWORLD OFFICIAL DISCUSSION FORUM I m looking at getting a drum tuner to help me to tune my drums. I have tried tuning by ear but by ears are terrible at getting the same pitch. Celebrity Invention: Marlon Brando s Drum AutoTuner – The Atlantic.

Methods and systems for automatically tuning a drum are disclosed. Images for automatic drum tuner This technology is an electromechanical device for automatically tuning a drum tom according to user specifications. Thus, Brando presents: the automatic drum tuner.

Automatic drum tuner

In some embodiments, the methods and systems include the following: (a). Tune-bot Electronic Drum Tuner Black – Musician s Friend A first for percussionists, the Tune-bot Electronic Drum Tuner from Overtone Labs is a quick and accurate method to tune your drums. My son drums, and wants a automatic drum tuner for X-mas.

Patent US Automatic Drum Tuner Patents. Drumtune PRO lets you fine-tune your lugs. If T-Pain has taught us anything, everything sounds better (and hipper) with an auto-tuner. 2Pack – Lava Replacement Light Bulb Lamp 40W watt R Type R40R14N 120V.

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Images for automatic drum tuner

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Celebrity Invention: Marlon Brando s Drum AutoTuner – The Atlantic

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Patent US Automatic Drum Tuner Patents

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