Ais receiver uk

Digital Yacht AIS1AIS Receiver (NMEA Out). Radars AIS Gael Force Marine 31. Ais receiver comparison table – Digital Yacht AIS NET.

Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a collision avoidance system that gives information all the ships. AIS hardware – Receivers and Transponders – Euronav Range of AIS receivers, Class A and Class B transponders including SOLAS type approved. Connect to your plotter, PC and mobile device through a wireless interface. On VHF radio which can be picked up either by other ships or by shore based receivers.

Turns your i or iPad into a. Select from our range of Receivers or if you also want other vessels to know. UK coverage is not complete or continuous.

Ais receiver uk

Comar Systems Ltd Manufacturers of AIS (Automatic Identifcation Systems) Receivers and Transponders for the Marine Light Commercial and Leisure. Digital Yacht – iAIS RECEIVER Award winning AIS receiver with wireless interface. Digital Yacht – Light Years Ahead DigitalYacht leads the way in AIS integration for PC and dedicated plotterradars. Comar Systems manufacturers of products for the marine Automatic. AIS – EASY AIS RECEIVER (DUAL CHANNEL ) Marine Electronic Service Ltd – AIS – EASY AIS RECEIVER (DUAL CHANNEL ). Digital Yacht – AIS Systems Digital Yacht s Extensive range of AIS products provides solutions for every type of.

NASA Clipper AIS Radar Receiver Lowrance 4G. Raymarine AIS Receivers and Transceivers Operating in the VHF maritime ban the AIS (Automatic Identification System) system enables the wireless exchange of navigation status between vessels and. IAIS is the world s first AIS receiver that links wirelessly with the latest i.

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