Advantest 93000

EAG Advantest 930Smart Scale EAG continues to lead the way with the addition of the latest 930Smart Scale system from Advantest. Advantest Ships 000th V930Semiconductor Test System to. Verigy V930Launch Video: The Best Got Better.

Advantest introduces new universal analog pin module to extend. Smart Scale test platform is the semiconductor industry s first scalable, highly cost-efficient ATE solution. Configuration: boards (1pins) -7M -14M general purpose. V930Smart Scale Test Platform – Advantest customers capital investments.

V930SoC Smart Scale – Advantest The scalable platform architecture of the Advantest V930combines the highest speed digital test, precision analog and RF measurement into a single test. Verigy – , the free encyclopedia Verigy Ltd is an Advantest Group company in the semiconductor automatic test equipment. As the world s most popular semiconductor. About ADVANTEST CEO Message The Advantest Way Code of Conduct Corporate Overview Business Fields Offices Facilities.

Advantest 93000

P10Small Test Head 930SOC system. IC market V60for the flash and DRAM memory market V930for the SoCSiP market V930HSM for the high-speed memory market. V930High Speed Memory – Advantest The Advantest V930High-Speed Memory (HSM) Series is the fastest final test solution available today offering highly accurate at-speed IO and at-speed.

In the past year, Advantest has sold more V930systems than in any previous 12-month period. Using Advantest s innovative universal analog pin architecture, the 64-channel module extends the V930platform s capabilities to include. Verigy (Advantest) 930SOC Tester – Addison Engineering, Inc.

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EAG Advantest 930Smart Scale

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Advantest Ships 000th V930Semiconductor Test System to

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