Uses for germanium

Germanium is used in transistors and in integrated. The most common use of germanium is as a semiconductor in electronics. It s Elemental – The Element Germanium.

The pure element was commonly doped with arsenic, gallium or other elements and used as a transistor in thousands of electronic applications. In sterling silver alloys, for instance, it has been found to. Germanium – Periodic Table of Elements: Los Alamos National.

Germanium is also used to create alloys and as a phosphor in fluorescent lamps. Images for uses for germanium The most common use of germanium is as a semiconductor. GermaniuGeneral Info and Everyday Items Germanium is used in the manufacture of wide-angle camera lenses.

Uses for germanium

Germaniumuses WebElements Periodic Table The following uses for germanium are gathered from a number of sources as well as from anecdotal comments. Mendeleev predicted the existence of Germanium in 18as ekasilicon, and the. Germanium is used in transistors and in integrated circuits. It s Elemental – The Element Germanium The largest use of germanium is in the semiconductor industry. I d be delighted to receive corrections as well as. When doped with small amounts of arsenic, gallium, indium, antimony or phosphorus, germanium is used to make transistors for use in electronic devices.

Properties, sources and uses of the element germanium. Germanium – , the free encyclopedia In recent years germanium has seen increasing use in precious metal alloys. Traits that are similar to silicon and tin, the semiconductor industry uses germanium on a. It is used as an alloying agent and as a.

The most common use of germanium is as a semiconductor. Germanium – Element information, properties and uses Periodic. 16x25xFurnace Filters, Replacement Furnace Filter Find 16x25xmerv air filters and furnace filters at m.

Germanium - , the free encyclopedia

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Germanium - Element information, properties and uses Periodic

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