Unicode character database

It describes the layout and organization of the Unicode Character. This module provides access to the Unicode Character Database which defines character properties for all Unicode characters. UAX 42: Unicode Character Database in XML – Unicode Consortium In working on Unicode implementations, it is often useful to access the full content of the Unicode Character Database (UCD). It also includes data files containing test data for conformance to several important Unicode algorithms.

No claims are made as to fitness for any particular purpose. Supporting Multilingual Databases with Unicode Oracle Corporation started supporting Unicode as a database character set in. The Unicode Character Database is provided as is by Unicode, Inc.

No claims are made as to fitness. Unicode Character Database – Oracle Secure Global Desktop DISCLAIMER The Unicode Character Database UNIDAT 21.TXT is provided as- is by Unicode, Inc. In Oracle9i, Unicode support has been expanded. Unicode Character Database This annex provides the core documentation for the Unicode Character Database (UCD).

Unicode character database

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Supporting Multilingual Databases with Unicode

Unicode Character Database

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