Tape measure diamond markings

Can you tell me about the markings on tape measures, what they. Tape Measure Markings – Math Forum – Ask Dr. What is the purpose of this mark? Whilst not featuring on all tapes, stud marks frequently appear at intervals and joist marks at 1 intervals).

The black diamonds, as they re commonly called (sometimes shown as black circles instead are actually stud or joist marks. Mystery Markings on Tape Measures – m. Many people wonder about the mystical small black diamond markings or.

SolvedOn a tape measure, little diamond at about inch. But then we discover little black diamonds and other seeming unrelated symbols or color changes and our basic tape measure takes on an air. There are also red stud markings every inches on a tape measure, allowing for a standard layout of six studs per 8-foot section. On a tape measure, little diamond at about inch.

Tape measure diamond markings

The Straight Dope: On tape measures, why is there a special symbol. Math What is the small diamond on all tape measures that occurs every 1 inches for? The small black diamonds, or triangles (diamonds are more commonly found on the top scale of the tape measure starting at 1 inches are for truss layouts for 8-foot sheet goods. Rafters don t really matter – the diamond marks allow you to lay out. Black Diamonds on Tape Measure – Triangles on Tape Measure. Some of my friends recently noticed that on most tape measures there is a diamond every 3inches.

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Mystery Markings on Tape Measures - m

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The Straight Dope: On tape measures, why is there a special symbol

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