Takwaba uwabanga yesu

Takwaba Uwabanga Yesu (SATB ) by ALLAWAY, B J.W. Takwaba Uwabanga Yesu (There s No One Like Jesus) Micah. Takwaba uwabanga yesu – GIA Publications TAKWABA UWABANGA YESU. View Lyrics: Takwaba Remix Modal close icon Viewing lyrics for.

Arranger: Allaway, Ben?Lyricist: Allaway, Ben?Genre: Sacred?Voicing: SATB? Just like the song, there is absolutely no one like our God. Takwaba Uwaba Nga Yesu (There s No One Like Jesus) The. Takwaba Uwabanga Yesu Title: Takwaba Uwabanga Yesu?Composer: Allaway, Ben?Date: 2003?

Takwaba Uwaba Nga Yesu (There s No One Like Jesus) by The Zambia Project, released Takwaba uwaba nga Yesu Takwaba. Na Yenda Yenda Konse Konse Na Fwaya Fwaya Konse Konse. One of my favorite songs in Africa was called Takwaba Uwaba Nga Yesu.

Takwaba uwabanga yesu

This rhythmic Zambian song for SATB voices and drum alternates between an easily singable native text and an English translation, providing a way of. Takwaba Uwabanga Yesu – There s No One like Jesus – Ben.

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Takwaba, uwaba nga Yesu

Takwaba Uwabanga Yesu (SATB ) by ALLAWAY, B J.W. Pepper

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