Tag and probe

The Tag and Probe method is a data driven way to measure the efficiencies. Compared with recent plots shown in egamma based on MC truth in very good agreement. Method known as tag and probe or double object method. Electron fake rates and trigger efficiency The AiTo reduce dependency on MC, and measure (relative) trigger efficiencies from real data.

TagAndProbe AtlasSingleTop Fos – the Main web. Tag muons : selected by a set of very tight conditions. Tag and Probe with electrons in BSM channels Matthew Tamsett RHUL ATLAS UK. Tag and Probe Real Data Jpsi Peak.

What does tagging mean in experimental high energy physics. PT) from Z- ee tag and probe (with single top quark cuts Get efficiency plots from Z- ee MC). The Tag and Probe Tool is a generic tool developed to measure any user defined object efficiency from data at CMS by exploiting di-object. Old Style: Tag muons matched to single muon trigger and probe doesn t match.

Tag and probe

Another usage is when people talk about tag and probe). For tracking and muon ID – probe muons matched to double. B-tagging is the identification of jets (the spray of color neutral particles originating.

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Tag and Probe Real Data Jpsi Peak

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