Slotted line

Slotted-line The slotted line apparatus for the precision measurement of complex impedance at VHF and UHF frequencies. Slotted Line-SWR Introduction: In this lab you will learn how to characterize and use a 50-ohm slotted line, crystal detector, and standing wave ratio (SWR) meter to measure an. The transmission lie is kept inside the slotted line for measurement of values of maximum voltage point and minimum voltage location.

Slotted Line Measurements used at ultra-high frequencies is the slotted line. The Type 874-LBA Slotted Line and the Type 874. It will help you understand why microwave engineers use voltage.

Slotted Line Article about Slotted Line by The Free Dictionary a device for measuring parameters in devices that have distributed constants ( such as feeders or wave guides). With it, the standing-wave pattern of the electric field in coaxial transmission line of known characteristic. Slotted line – , the free encyclopedia Slotted lines are used for microwave measurements and consist of a movable probe inserted into a slot in a transmission line. Type 874-lba-lbb slotted lines – IET Labs 874-LBB except that the maximum operating frequency of the Type 874-LBB extends to Gc.

Slotted line

A practical and precision instrument for the. This discussion of slotted line measurements is here mostly for historic value. It is used to find the standing-wave ratio (SWR).

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Type 874-lba-lbb slotted lines – IET Labs


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Slotted Line Measurements

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