Sfp 10g lr x

SFP-10G GPL Price Cisco 10GBASE -ZR SFP10G Module for SMF. SFP transceiver module Gigabit Ethernet 10GBase-LR LCPC single mode up to. SFP-10G-LR-X 10GBASE -LR SFP transceiver module for SMF, 1310-nm wavelength, LC duplex connector, extended temperature range. Cisco – SFP transceiver module – Gigabit Ethernet – SFP-10G.

Cisco 10-Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver Modules Compatibility Matrix. Cisco 10GBASE SFP Modules – SWS, a.s. Cisco SFP-10G-LR-X – 10GBASE -LR SFP Transceiver – m Cisco SFP-10G-LR-X – 10GBASE -LR SFP Transceiver: Computers Accessories. 10GBASE -SR SFP Module for Extended Temp range.

SFP-10G-LR-X – Cisco Compatible – QSFP SFP-10G-LR-X, Cisco 10GBASE -LR SFP transceiver module for SMF, 1310-nm wavelength, LC duplex connector, extended temperature range. The Cisco SFP-10G-LR-X is a multirate 10GBASE -LR, 10GBASE -LW and. OTU2e module for extended operating temperature range.

Sfp 10g lr x

10GBASE -LR SFP transceiver module for SMF, 1310-nm wavelength, LC duplex connector. Cisco 10GBASE SFP Modules Data Sheet – Cisco. The Cisco SFP-10G-SR-X is a 10GBASE -SR module for extended operating. The Cisco SFP-10G-LR-X is a multirate 10GBASE -LR, 10GBASE -LW, and OTU2. Cisco SFP-10G-LR 10GBASE -LR SFP Module. Cisco C3KX-NM-10G Catalyst 3K-X 10G Network Module.

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Cisco 10GBASE SFP Modules – SWS, a.s

Cisco - SFP transceiver module - Gigabit Ethernet - SFP-10G

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