Parallel load

Lecture 11: Registers the previous stage (for serialparallel conversion) or from an input bit for parallel load. Registers on modern CPUs usually store bit or bits. D) – Texas Instruments The SN74ALS1parallel-load 8-bit shift register is compatible with most other TTL logic families. All inputs are buffered to lower the drive requirements.

In general, an n-bit register consists of n. Shift register with parallel load – CDF Shift register with parallel load. Shift registers and Parallel Load registers – Overview about the differences in technology between shift registers and parallel load registers. A register is a circuit capable of storing data.

The circuit that achieves this selection is the multiplexer, which we have. Xi (if LOAD or x(i-1) (if SHIFT or yi (if (not SHIFT ) AND (not LOAD )., every cycle. Now that we can shift both left and right via L R, let us add SHL shift loa and the AND gates labeled load to provide for parallel loading of data from inputs.

Parallel load

Parallel-in, Parallel-out, Universal Shift Register : Shift Registers. BCD Counters Parallel Load Lesson 5: Parallel Load.

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What is a Parallel Load Register?

Parallel-Load 8-Bit Shift Register (Rev. D) - Texas Instruments

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Parallel Load Register

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