Nginx web sockets

WebSockets in Nginx – Martin Fjordvald Feb 1 2013. Using multiple nodes Within the section of your nf file, you can declare a upstream section with. You want your Nginx to run on port (duh) but you also want your WebSockets to.

WebSocket proxying – Nginx Mar 2013. Nginx Secure Websockets via SSL Felix Wobsite days ago. Using NGINX as a WebSocket Proxy May 1 2014. Proxying WebSockets with Nginx – Chris Lea Feb 2 2013.

Nginx and WebSockets t Jun 2013. Michiel De Mey s Blog Proxying WebSockets with Nginx and Why would you want to proxy your websockets? x x Pleated Filter for Honeywell MERV 13.

Nginx web sockets

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Nginx и Websockets Хабрахабр

WebSocket proxying - Nginx

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WebSockets in Nginx – Martin Fjordvald

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Using NGINX as a WebSocket Proxy