Mems pressure sensor

Home SMI Manufacture of pressure sensors from psi to 1psi for automotive, medical, and industrial applications. Pressure Sensors – STMicroelectronics ST s ultra-small silicon pressure sensors use innovative MEMS technology to provide extremely high pressure resolution, in ultra-compact and thin packages. MEMS Pressure Sensors Merit Sensor Merit Sensor produces reliable, high-yield pressure sensor solutions. Merit Sensor is a subsidiary of Merit Medical Systems.

GE has foundry capabilities beyond those of virtually any other MEMS partner. MEMS Pressure Sensors OMRON Electronic Components Web Part Number, Shape, Structure, Pressure Medium, Drive Current, Pressure Range, Max. Based on piezoresistive Microelectromechanical (MEMS ) and silicon strain.

Pressure Sensors TE Connectivity TE designs and manufactures pressure sensors ranging from the sensing element. Pressure Sensors, Pressure TransducersMeasurement Specialties Pressure sensors can also be delivered as a MEMS silicon pressure die for very small embedded applications. Customization of our pressure sensors is offered.

Mems pressure sensor

MEMS Pressure Sensor Products Micro Electro Mechanical Systems As a leader in Microelectromechanical (MEMS ) elements, sensors and advanced packaging solutions, our MEMS pressure sensor line includes highly cost. All About MEMS Pressure Sensors for Medical Devices – AMFitzgerald MEMS pressure sensors in medical devices.

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Pressure Sensors - STMicroelectronics

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Pressure Sensors TE Connectivity

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