Iq 2020 circuit board

Motherboard Only, IQ 202 Hot Spring, Tiger River, Limelight, 2001. It s upgraded design provides a more efficient method of connecting. This is an upgraded IQ 20Heater Relay Board with jumpers shortened screws for.

Note: This IQ 20circuitboard (motherboard) does not include the secondary heater. Tiger River Spas Replacement Circuit Boards Tiger River Spas Replcement Circuit Boards. Hot Spring Spas IQ 20Motherboard The Pool and Spa.

This IQ 20mother board is used on Domestic 60hz model spas only. This is a factory replacement motherboard for all IQ 2020. This IQ20heater relay board is for the 200 to 201 Hot Spring, Tiger. When I researched the internet I found out that the Caldera and Hot Springs.

Iq 20circuit board

IQ20first generation boards werent powerful enough to handle. Circuit Boards for Hot Spring, Tiger River, Hot Spot Solana Spas We stock every factory circuit board for every Hot Springs, Tiger River, Hot Spot. Hotspring Supply Circuit Boards – All Parts for HotSprings spas HotSpring Spa IQ20Heater Relay Board. IQ20main board replacement for a Hot Spring, Tiger River. Note: This circuit board (motherboard) does not include the secondary heater relay board part number 771(old part number 74618) or plastic encasement. How To Use Your Old Iq20Circuit And Not Replace It.

Circuit Boards for Tiger River Spas – m This IQ20Heater Relay Circuit Board is used on the IQ2020. Board w Jumpers Shortened Screws for the front cover of the IQ2020. Tiger River Hot Springs Electronic Heater PCB Board PC. x x, x mm.

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Circuit Boards for Tiger River Spas

Tiger River Spas Replacement Circuit Boards

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Motherboard Only, IQ 202 Hot Spring, Tiger River, Limelight, 2001

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