Glenrio texas new mexico

Glenrio, New Mexico and Texas – , the free encyclopedia Glenrio, formerly Rock Islan is an unincorporated community in both Deaf Smith. County, Texas, and Quay County, New Mexico, in the United States. In 19the area was opened to small farmers, who.

Once a monument along the boom and bust highway of Route 66. Glenrio, Route Texas Historic Glenrio is a ghost town on the Texas – New Mexico state line. Glenrio, Deaf Smith County, last Texas stop heading west on Route 66. Route motels, vintage diner and service stations.

Glen Rio, Texas-New Mexico – Texas Ghost Town NAME : Glen Rio, Texas-New Mexico COUNTY : Deaf Smith, Texas ROADS : 2WD. GLENRIO, TX The Handbook of Texas Online Texas State. Glenrio, Ghost Town, Route 66. CLIMATE : Cold snowy winters, hot summers, mild falls and springs.

Glenrio texas new mexico

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Glenrio Texas – A Route Casualty – Legends of America

GLENRIO, TX The Handbook of Texas Online Texas State

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Glen Rio, Texas-New Mexico – Texas Ghost Town

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