Gfs fat pat pickups

(Poll) – Page – Seymour Duncan I d still recommend the Crunchy PAT. M I have heared mixed opinions on gfs, I ve tried the strat pups and they are great at least. To read up on these pickups, go here: mAlnico-Fat-Pat. I didn t like anything about the stock chrome looking PUP s so, in lieu of having 2for Seymour Duncan PUP s, I got the GFS FAT PAT s.

I don t know that the Fat Pat is the same pickup or not. I bought two Alnico Fat Pat Humbuckers for the guitar, and thought I d let. Alnico Fat Pat Humbucker Review – Van Halen m.

Any one use a gfs fat pat? Fat PAT Reviewed by: DrFurtrix, on november 1 2012. I ve been a fan of GFS pickups for a while now, but I ve got to admit. GFS Pickups: Fat Pat Humbuckers.

Gfs fat pat pickups

The Aalso gives it a nice sound. Power sound pickups vs Gfs fat pat Alnico v. You get one BRAND NEW retail packaged GFS Fat PAT pickup- As with all GFS high end pickups it s packaged. The Awill make it a Fat PAT. Alnico Fat Pat Boutique Humbucker Black Bridge Position Wound FAT and HOT- Bridge is 14k Neck 10K. Fat PAT Review GFS Pickups Reviews m.

GFS pups are foil-shielde coil-tappable, and easy to install. FAT PAT S – The Gear Page. Pickup Comparison GFS Fat Pat, Gibson Classic, Seymour. IN-LINE DUCT FAN CARBON FILTERBO inch inline 5CFM HR.

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GFS pickups. FAT PAT S – The Gear Page

Pickup Comparison GFS Fat Pat, Gibson Classic, Seymour

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Which GFS Pickup? (Poll) – Page – Seymour Duncan

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