Galvanometer – NCERT The galvanometer consists of a coil of wire often rectangular, carrying the current to be measured. This tutorial illustrates how a galvanometer, an instrument that detects and measures small amounts of current in an electrical circuit, works. The most common use of galvanometers was as analog measuring instruments, called ammeters, used to measure the direct current (flow of electric charge) through an electric circuit.

Galvanometer – definition of galvanometer by The Free Dictionary galvanometer n. Galvanometer – , the free encyclopedia A galvanometer is an electromechanical instrument for detecting and measuring electric current. When a current is passed through a coil in a magnetic fiel the coil experiences a torque proportional to the current.

An instrument used to detect, measure, and determine the direction of small electric currents by means of mechanical effects produced by a. Galvanometer Define Galvanometer at m Galvanometer definition, an instrument for detecting the existence of small electric currents and determining their strength. Galvanometer is the historical name given to a moving coil electric current detector. Galvanometers The galvanometer is used to measure very low currents, such as those in bridge circuits.


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Galvanometer - , the free encyclopedia