Fluorescent definition

Fluorescence Definition and Examples – Chemistry – m This is the definition of fluorescence, with examples of fluorescent materials. Fluorescent meaning, definition, what is fluorescent: Fluorescent lights are very bright, tube-shaped electric lights, often used in offices. The incandescent bulb the kind associated with Thomas Edison has a filament that. Fluorescent – definition of fluorescent in English from the Oxford.

Glowing as if with fluorescence vivid: bright fluorescent colors. Exhibiting or produced by fluorescence: fluorescent corals fluorescent light. Fluorescent Fluorescent Definition by Merriam-Webster Definition of fluorescent for Students. Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content.

Fluorescence – , the free encyclopedia Fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other. Fluorescent – definition of fluorescent by The Free Dictionary b. The emission of light from an object as a result of bombardment by other kinds of electromagnetic radiation, such as x-rays or ultraviolet rays. : giving out visible light when exposed to external radiation a fluorescent substance a fluorescent coating : producing visible light by means of a fluorescent coating a fluorescent bulb : extremely bright or glowing fluorescent colors.

Fluorescent definition

Fluorescent is defined as emitting light due to absorbing radiation from an external. Fluorescent Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary days ago.

Fluorescent materials may appear one color when bathed in visible light and another color when exposed to other kinds of electromagnetic radiation. Another way to define the quantum yield of fluorescence, is by the rate of excited state decay. Fluorescent Define Fluorescent at m Fluorescent definition, possessing the property of fluorescence exhibiting fluorescence.

Fluorescence Define Fluorescence at m fluorescence definition. Fluorescent dictionary definition fluorescent defined – YourDictionary A compact fluorescent light bulb. 1(Of a substance) having or showing fluorescence: a fluorescent dye.

Fluorescent Fluorescent Definition by Merriam-Webster

Fluorescent - definition of fluorescent by The Free Dictionary

Fluorescent – Dictionary Definition : m A fluorescent bulb gets its light from mercury vapor inside a glass tube. Quantum yields of are still considered quite fluorescent.

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