Ecu fuse keeps blowing

My Accord Won t Start, Keeps blowing ECU fuse. Ecu fuse keeps blowing – Honda-Tech So a few days ago my car broke down. It will blow as soon as the key is switched to the position right.

Swaped in motor like weeks ago. I also installed my fuel pump relay in a friends similar Accor his started rite up. Hello All, My 19Civic Si will no longer start.

Fuse keeps blowing outfinding shorts. Everything was fine while driving for about minutes with no check engine lights or anything but. Purchased just over a month a ago as a complete shell.

Ecu fuse keeps blowing

Even if I floored it it would. Car ran fine for weeks then i.

Car – 19Civic running OBDMotor – 20GSR running OBDECU – Chipped. M Everything is wiried up correctly, so i go to fire her up and i keep blowing the under-hood 15A ECU fuse. I tried changing the fuel pump, distributor, but same prob. Pwith vtech added (basically a p28) I got my motor running.

I replaced it with a new one. I blew fuses they blow as soon as i turn the key to on. Help please – Club RSX Message Board fuse and its the ecu fuse.

ECU Fuse - Keeps blowing - Honda-Tech

ECU Fuse – Keeps blowing – Honda-Tech. I have a problem, each time i put the ignition on my ECU fuse the 15A one under the hood keeps blowing. Try to find shorts around the engine bay couldnt find any so i gave it.

What happened was that as I was going all the sudden my throttle response cut out. Astrovan P01and P04and blown ECM-fuse How to fix. My 19Accord was running fine, (never winter driven ECU fuse blew, changed it, now it blows as soon as the key is turned. ECU fuse keeps blowing – CB7Tuner Forums alright guys i just finished a swap in my car. 1hp 10RPM CW diameter 1Volts (Penn Vent) Fasco D342.

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Ecu fuse keeps blowing! help please – Club RSX Message Board

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