Drake l4b mods

Drake L4B bias question WorldwideDX Radio Forum There are mods out there to put a zener in the L4B, and it does work well. I have done several of the mods including. Images for drake l4b mods The Drake L-4B is one of the highest quality amateur amplifiers ever made, a time-tested design, ruggedly constructe with top notch components. Use AG6K 160m mod to simultaneously pad both the tune and load caps.

I have a question for you 😀 : Anyone knows a possible modification. A soft-start, soft-key and user adjustable biasing for the Drake L-4B amplifier. Drake Mods including Soft Keying Module, ohm resistors, Soft Start.

Amps Drake L-4B Should I or Shouldn t I? 7 Don KO7i I own FOUR drake L4B amps. The RAKE Model L-4B Linear Amplifier offers continuous 20watts). Harbach Electronics, LLC Your World-Wide Source For Amateur.

Drake l4b mods

Drake L-4B, Table Top Amplifier Redesign, by – WB4HFN Home Page Preference. Other modifications include changing the cutoff bias voltage from -volts to -36. The Drake L4B Amplifier was designed and built in the middle 19s as a two piece unit. Drake L4-B – Intelab The L-4B is somewhat smaller than a byamp would be, but none the less still. In thinking these concerns I decided to make some modifications that would deal with these potential problems. Drake L4B – W6KAN The Solidly Built Drake L4B.

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Amps Drake L-4B Should I or Shouldn t I?

Drake L4B bias question WorldwideDX Radio Forum

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Drake L-4B, Table Top Amplifier Redesign, by – WB4HFN Home Page

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Images for drake l4b mods

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