Dog microchip singapore

Licensing a Pet AVA Find out more about Licensing a Pet here. SINGAPORE : The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) has announce starting September a dog must first be microchipped before its. Do microchip your dog and cat and remember to register it with either AVA or PetCall.

Singapore Government opens in a new window. New AVA rule calls for dogs to be microchipped. SPCA Singapore : Pet Sterilisation and Microchipping Pet Sterilisation and Microchipping. Sterilisation of Pets The SPCA is unable to provide treatmentsurgery for the public s pets because of the need to focus on.

AVA Inspection Laboratory e-Services Agri-Food Veterinary Authority of Singapore. Dogs Cats Rabbits Guinea pigs Hamsters Gerbils Mice Chinchillas Red-eared sliders. Microchip – Singapore Animal Registry Veterinary clinics, animal shelters, AVA, SPCA, breeders and pet shops are usually equipped with microchip scanners and therefore if your microchipped pet is.

Dog microchip singapore

Register pet s microchip – The Straits Times While the SPCA and Action for Singapore Dogs have microchip databases for the details of dogs they have rehome the two main databases for microchip. SPCA Singapore SPCA Singapore 24-hour emergency hotline: ext.

Licensing of Dogs for Non-HDB Residential Premises. Getting a Pet AVA Find out more about Getting a Pet here. A microchip is a biocompatible silicon chip encased in glass that is implanted under the skin of our. followers 2following posts posts and reposts.

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Register pet s microchip – The Straits Times

AVA Inspection Laboratory e-Services

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New AVA rule calls for dogs to be microchipped. - WildSingapore

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