Dod std 1399

DOD- STD-13- Interface Standard for Shipboard Systems. DOD STD 13993Revision A Interface Standard For Shipboard. NOTE : DOD-STD-13993has been redesignated as an Interface Standard. The policies and procedures established by DOD-STD-1399.

This website is dedicated to all things concerning DoD Acquisition. Section 301A Ship Motion And Attitude (Metric) – Revision A Defines the standard. DOD-STD-13993Interface Standard for Shipboard Systems Section 301a. Title: DOD-STD-1399-30 Version: A, Date: 1986-Jul-2 Status: Active, Desc: INTERFACE INTERFACE FOR SHIPBOARD SYSTEMS SECTION 301A SHIP.

Section 300A is the Version – (MI-STD-1399-300A.pdf). The cover page has been changed for Administrative reasons. Title: DOD-ST Date: 1979-Feb-2 Status: Active, Desc: 0PART INTERFACE FOR SHIPBOARD SYSTEMS (SECTION 0PART 1) D.C. Available for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of.

Dod std 1399

DOD STD 13993Revision A Interface Standard For Shipboard Systems. Application of MILSTD 13to the ship aCquisition.

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