Devo 6 transmitter

Walkera DEVO 6S channel Transmitter RX6(Free shipping) HM. DEVO S – DEVO S. HeliFreak Originally Posted by Levathain View Post. RC Groups The Devo is a full size transmitter that has more switches and is thought to have a longer range than the Devo (Something like 2000m vs).

Use: Vehicles Remote Control Toys For Vehicle Type: Helicopters Brand Name: Walkera Material: Composite Material. Radio RC Walkera Devo 8s (Ghz DSSS ) – Prsentation. Can Devo be used with any brand of RC? Walkera 6CH Ghz RX6Receiver For Devo Transmitter Specification:Size: X X 13mm Sensitivity: -105dmbFrequency Interval: 4M Receiver Battery: V1300mAh (not included)Weight: 5gFeature:Walkera.

20Free shipping Walkera F12ch Transmitter with Aluminum Case for FPV RC Quadcopter Drone X3pro X8battery helikopter. I was just curious if the Devo transmitter can be used with any RC or is it specifically for Walkera. Walkera devo transmitter – Free Shipping – DX Brand Walkera Model RX8Quantity Piece s pack Color Black Material Plastic Compatible device DEVO 6S, 8S,12S Transmitters Functions. NotezPlease read throughly the manual before using and keep it in a safe place for the future reference.

Devo transmitter

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Can Devo be used with any brand of RC? - HeliFreak

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Walkera 6CH Ghz RX6Receiver For Devo Transmitter

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Walkera DEVO 6S channel Transmitter RX6(Free shipping) HM