Define spread spectrum

Spread spectrum communications definition at m, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Theory of Spread-Spectrum Communications-A Tutorial A definition of spread spectrurl that adequately reflects the characteristics of this techniqu: is as follows: Spread spectrum is a means of transmission in which. The manner of inserting this code defines precisely the spread-spectrum technique.

Tutorial on Spread Spectrum Technology EE Times Spread spectrum technology has become a key building block in cordless, cellular, WLAN systems, and more. ABCs of Spread Spectrum – A Technology Introduction and Tutorial This Spread Spectrum tutorial information is provided to you by Pegasus. The term spread spectrum refers to the expansion of signal bandwidth. We will also try to thoroughly define new terms and concepts the first time we use.

Definition from m Spread spectrum is a form of wireless communications in which the frequency of the transmitted signal is deliberately varied. This in a much greater bandwidth than the signal would have if its frequency were not varied. Frequency hopping is a basic modulation technique used in spread spectrum signal transmission.

Define spread spectrum

Definition from Techopedia Spread Spectrum Definition – Spread spectrum is a technique used for transmitting radio or telecommunications signals. An Introduction to Spread-Spectrum Communications – Tutorial.

Spread Spectrum Transmission – In Spread Spectrum communication, the bandwidth occupancy of a single. Spread spectrum – , the free encyclopedia This is a technique in which a telecommunication signal is transmitted on a bandwidth considerably larger than the frequency content of the original information. Wide Band (UWB) techniques using very steep pulses at well defined instants.

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What is spread spectrum? - Definition from m

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Theory of Spread-Spectrum Communications-A Tutorial

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