Consistent dependent system

The two equations y x and y x form a system of equations. Consistent Dependent System Consistent Dependent System, definition, examples, solved problems. Lesson Types of systems – inconsistent, dependent, independent y x 10.

Systems of Linear Equations: Graphing – Purple Math This is called an inconsistent system of equations, and it has no solution. This is called a dependent system, and the solution is the whole line. An example is: State whether each system is consistent and dependent, inconsistent, or consistent and independent. The lines are actually the same line, and they cross at infinitely many points (every point on the line).

They will model a real world situation in to. A system of two linear equations can have one solution, an infinite number of solutions, or no solution. Mostly, the system of equations can be used by the business people to predict their future events. In this case, there are infinitely many solutions and the system is called dependent.

Consistent dependent system

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Consistent and Dependent Systems – Hotmath

Consistent Dependent System

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