Captains wafer

Kick snack time into high gear with this fill-you-up, fuel-you-up cracker snack. Crunch into Lance Grilled Cheese on Captain s Wafers and enjoy the flavors of. They are light buttery crackers typically served with soups and salads. Get Nutritional Facts and the Health Benefits for Captain s Wafers.

Jalapeno Cheddar on Captain s Wafer – Lance Snacks Turn up the heat on your snacking with Jalapeo Cheddar on Captain s Wafers. With real spicy cheddar cheese, toasted crackers and up. Calories in Lance Fresh – Captain s Wafers Nutrition and Health Facts Wondering how many calories are in Captain s Wafers?

Lance, Captain s Wafer Crackers, Variety Pack, 11oz. Shop Lance, Captain s Wafer Crackers, Variety Pack, 11oz Tray (Pack of 3) and other Snack Foods at m. Captain s Wafers – , the free encyclopedia Captain s Wafers are crackers made by Lance Inc. Cracker Sandwiches – Lance Snacks Lance Peanut Butter Honey on Captain s Wafers.

Captains wafer

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Lance Captains Wafers, Crackers per pack (Pack of)

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Lance, Captain s Wafer Crackers, Variety Pack, 11oz

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