Alinco dj c4

Alinco DJ-Cproduct reviews by real people like you. Use Alinco s EDC-76K EDC-77K charger to charge the DJ-C1C4. Alinco DJ-CTransceiver – m Manufacturer: Alinco, Model: DJ-C Type: Handheld Amateur UHF Transceiver, Range: 430-4MHz (Europe) MHz (USA) (TX 430-4MHz). The Alinco DJ-Cwas made in the 1990s and was a.

Have you any tips, trick or modifications you can t find here, please them to. Frequency range: 430-4MHz (Europe) MHz (USA). The DJ-Ccame out at the same time as the C and was made for 4MHz (70cm FM). Net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio).

HiR Information Report: Alinco DJ-CHack: Internal Speaker. Details about Alinco DJ CUhf and DJ CVhf Credit Card. Alinco DJ-C2M Credit Card Handheld HT Ham Radio Transceiver. Modifications for the Alinco DJ-C- VSS home page, Alinco DJ-Cwideband RXTX mod English language (Kbytes).

Alinco dj c4

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Alinco DJ-CTransceiver

HiR Information Report: Alinco DJ-CHack: Internal Speaker

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Alinco DJ-C1C4

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